How to Leverage the Power of Automation & Delegation to Free Up Your Time to Do More of the Things You Love
For the purpose-driven entrepreneur who knows what she wants, but isn’t quite sure how to get there without burning out or acquiring a raging caffeine addiction…

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Do you ever wonder how in the world all those other entrepreneurs “get it all done”? 
If you’ve ever marvelled in awe at entrepreneurs who run massive, 6-7 figure empires and yet somehow also manage to indulge in avocado toast on a gorgeous patio in the middle of a random Tuesday and wondered why they got the “Superhuman” gene and you didn’t…keep reading.

Tell me, does your current business life look like this? 

– You’re the boss, awesome. (You’re also the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the certified expert and the copywriter, but who’s counting?)

– You do all the marketing, emailing, admin work and scheduling that needs to be done every day and it stops you from making progress in other areas of your business (and life!)

– You spend just as much time invoicing and managing clients (or chasing down clients who don’t pay their invoices) as you do actually provide your services to them.

– You always want to do things to make your clients’ happier – like follow-up with the superstars you haven’t heard from in a while, or make sure you send a delectable wrap-up gift to every person you work with–but you forget or put it off indefinitely

– You know there are easier ways to do the things you need to do in your business each week (who has the time–or the will–to repurpose content 300 different ways and still be a killer expert?), but you simply don’t know how. Sound about right?
Hey, I'm Rosalie Audoin, founder of and That Marketing Strategy Show Podcast. I love finding companies that are desperate and ready to grow with ease. After working hundreds of clients just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated with your marketing process, I created this masterclass to help you find a better way. Here are the event details below, I look forward to seeing you live. 


What: Automate To Scale - 5 Part Masterclass
When: As soon as you sign up
Where: Video access 
Why: Because you want to scale your business
How Much: It's FREE of charge
If you’re ready to finally put whatever you need in place in order to have or reclaim the bandwidth you need to serve your clients, take care of them beautifully behind-the-scenes and also have the energy and creativity to focus on bigger projects or hit your next level goals, good news: 

You do NOT have to spend EVERY-SINGLE-SECOND you’re awake at your laptop doing pesky admin tasks you hate (or any other task you also don’t love) when you’d much rather be coaching clients or even just vegging on the couch with the latest Netflix craze.
There is an easier way to make things happen in your business so you can do less and live more. 

Nobody is Superman! Most Successful Entrepreneurs Do NOT "Do It All” Themselves...

Almost every entrepreneur you’ll ever encounter has been exactly where you are right now.

They, too, reached a point where they knew in their heart-of-hearts they couldn’t keep running their business without any support or true structure.

They knew they were at their breaking point and things had to change. 

There comes a point when there’s simply not enough hours in the day or energy in the “brain bank.”

That said, they all had to decide to do one or two things to continue to breathe life and energy into their dreams.

They either had to delegate, or automate. 

And in most cases–both.

And if you want to have a life beyond your laptop, you’re going to have to make the choice, too. 

At the end of the day, it’s this simple (albeit not always easy) decision to take a step back and put the processes, systems, tools and team in place to support us that separates the crazy, chaotic business owners from the chill, calm and collected business owners.

So, if you want that second bit to eventually become your reality, good news: 

I’m offering a unique, step-by-step masterclass that will teach you exactly how to tap into the unprecedented power of both tools and team so you get to stay in your Zone of Genius more and stress out less. 


A Free 5-Part Masterclass to Teach You How to Leverage the Power of Automation and Delegation to Free Up Your Time to Do More of the Things You Love
Available for a Limited Time Only
What: Automate To Scale | 5 Part Masterclass
When: As soon as you sign up
Where: Video access 
Why: Because you want to scale your business
How Much: It's FREE of charge
When you sign up, you’ll receive a training and workbook walking you step-by-step through how to automate or delegate (almost) everything in your business, from lead generation to testimonial gathering. 
Picture this…
  • You have a streamlined process and system for everything and a killer cast of team members on board to make it all work flawlessly
  • ​Your clients are finally being treated like the royalty they are (with LESS WORK on your end!)
  • ​You have plenty of time, creativity and space to work on the goals and projects that’ll move your business forward 
  • ​You’re not constantly stressing about everything that has to get done every day (because it’s all happening behind-the-scenes–sometimes on autopilot and sometimes with minimal input from you)
  • ​You have support with every part of your business that you don’t enjoy
  • ​You have more time now than you’ve ever had–not only to focus on your clients, but also just to BE
Sound good?

You DO have the power to run a streamlined, smooth-as-butter business and do only the work (and other activities) you love.

And you definitely don’t have to be superhuman – or even super techy – to do it. 

Pinky promise.  SIGN UP BELOW so I can show you.

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